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Henry's Hard Sparkling Water


• Henry’s Hard Sparkling Passion Fruit is a low-carb spiked sparkling water to help you be your best-ish. With under 95 calories, it’s a light sparkling water with vibrant carbonation, hints of passion fruit, and an aroma highlighted by berry notes to give this refreshing treat a pleasing hint of tartness.

• Henry’s Hard Sparkling Lemon Lime is a low-carb spiked sparkling water with a crystal clear look, a sparkling effervescence, and under 95 calories. It’s light and refreshing, with a pleasant citrus aroma highlighted by notes of lime and lemon zest for just a hint of tart and sweet flavor.

Henry's Hard Sparkling Strawberry Kiwi - Light has never tasted so right with Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water Strawberry Kiwi. Sweet strawberry flavor mingles with tangy kiwi flavor to make an excellent combination, and a flavor that’s all kinds of fun.

ABV: 4.2%

STYLE: Hard Seltzer



12 oz Bottle - 6 pack

12 oz Can - 6 pack, 12 pack